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    Cameron’s coat of green is rapidly wearing thin

    Rewind the clock six years and David Cameron and George Osborne were the golden boys of the green movement. Ever since, Cameron has made no secret that his commitments in opposition were hyperbole. Yet watching him in front of the… Read More

  • News review

    LIVESTOCK IS RESPONSIBLE for 80% of agricultural emissions, according to new research published in Environmental Research Letters. The authors suggested that technical and behavioural changes are required to curb the emissions. PUPILS ARE twice as likely to achieve above average… Read More

  • News review

    More Scottish food please, Bidvest sustainability update, Hospitality delivers 10% of GDP, Keep big portions out of reach, Tea certification failures….                     NFUS challenges foodservice   Scotland’s farming union will approach foodservice and catering companies… Read More

  • NHS tries to dump junk food

    CATERING FIRMS will be hauled in front of the NHS England board and told to offer up healthier choices in the country’s hospitals.                   Fast food chains operating on hospital sites, including… Read More

  • Farmers get desperate as ministers primed to step in

    FARMING LEADERS have gone hoarse in recent days calling for “seismic change” in the way food is sold.                           Now they have published an action plan to avoid… Read More

  • Jamie’s School dinners – 10 years on

    10 YEARS after TV’s Jamie’s School Dinners, the BBC’s The Food Programme assesses progress made.                     A key development is that from being seen as ‘liberal and wishy washy’, policy makers… Read More

  • Round in circles

    WHEN THE government doesn’t know what to do, it tends to call for a review. And that’s exactly what it did after the horse meat scandal, with Professor Chris Elliott heading an “independent review of Britain’s food system”. He’s expected to provide some interim findings next month,… Read More

  • Have you been caught out?

    FIRST IT was horse burgers, now it is fish fraud. Foodservice companies need to ask some tough questions of their suppliers.                           There’s rarely a dull moment when… Read More

  • Will ministers get the drift?

    SPRING SNOWSTORMS make the perfect backdrop for the government’s new chief scientist to get climate action back on the agenda.                           This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.… Read More

  • 7% of fish mis-labelled

    FISH AND chip shops, restaurants and supermarkets are selling cod and haddock that are actually cheaper substitutes, according to new research.   The BBC has reported details of a new study showing that 7% of cod and haddock – two… Read More