Biodynamic wine

  • Green Whites and Reds

    Who really cares about green issues when it comes to wine? Not many it seems. Dan Senior of wine merchant Corney & Barrow says it is because people don’t really understand.   Without doubt, there has been an increasing focus… Read More

  • INTERVIEW with Jean-Baptiste Lecallion Chef de Caves de Champagne Louis Roederer

                      Q: Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon, when did Champagne Louis Roederer first become interested in a more environmentally friendly approach to their winemaking?   It is not something new! As a family business owning… Read More

  • Biodynamic Wine

    Even among the members of the wine trade there is a fair degree of confusion and controversy as to what Biodynamism actually is and its relevance to the modern consumer. the sceptic dismisses it as unscientific hocus pocus and howling… Read More

  • Foodservice Footprint Issue 1 – Spring 2008

    Green, that contemporary concept of iconic status, has become both the buzzword and one of the most widely talked about subjects of our time. Climate change and global warming have never before featured so much in both the public’s consciousness… Read More