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    Public brand litter a turn off

    More than a third of people would be less likely to buy from a business whose branded litter they see on the street, new research has found. Three quarters of those questioned looked upon a business negatively when seeing litter… Read More

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    Coca-Cola meets “aggressive” water targets

    Coca-Cola has hit its water replenishment goal five years early and improved its water use efficiency by 27% since 2004. The soft drinks firm has supported 248 community water partnership projects in 71 countries, returning an estimated 19.9 billion litres… Read More

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    Hats off to the Government

    Easter bunnies, bitter blows and the thirst for more of the same. David Burrows reflects on the story of the sugar tax so far. In february all the talk was about the rabbit the prime minister might pull out of… Read More

  • Sugar variances uncovered in soft drinks

    SUGAR-SWEETENED soft drinks made for the European market have much less sugar than those sold in other markets. A review of 274 fizzy drinks found that Fanta Orange, for example, has 20 grams less added sugar in the UK (23g/330ml)… Read More

  • Big firms obstructing climate policy

    FORTY-FIVE of the 100 largest global industrial companies have recently been involved in directly advocating against climate policy, whilst simultaneously pushing their own sustainability credentials.                     The figures have been published… Read More

  • Message in a bottle

    Innocent MD Nick Canney talks sugar, thirsty strawberries, imperfect pineapples and staying true to its roots. By Amy Fetzer.                   Innocent is an interesting brand. It wants to be your friend, and… Read More

  • Kids’ advertising leaves sour taste

    CONFECTIONERY, CEREALS and soft drinks aimed at children are now worth £50bn globally, but promises made by manufacturers to clean up their act have been broken.                            … Read More

  • Water use in largest companies tracked

    MCDONALD’S, COCA-COLA and Tesco are among the 62 food and drink companies involved in the first ever assessment of corporate water management. In all, 700 of the world’s largest companies are expected to disclose information on their efforts to reduce… Read More

  • My viewpoint: That water is an essential resource for food businesses is a well-understood concept. Much less so is the risk presented by shortages, says Cate Lamb.

    COCA-COLA, BUNGE and Kellogg’s are just some of the major food and drink players moving to strategically address water related risks and opportunities through CDP, the global disclosure system through which a growing number of investors is calling on companies… Read More

  • Coca-Cola unveils first veg-based PET bottle

    THE COCA-COLA Company has unveiled the world’s first fully recyclable PET plastic bottle made entirely from plant materials.                     The new and improved PlantBottle uses patented technology that converts natural sugars… Read More