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Public brand litter a turn off

More than a third of people would be less likely to buy from a business whose branded litter they see on the street, new research has found.

Three quarters of those questioned looked upon a business negatively when seeing litter with their brand on it, according to the survey by

McDonald’s is the brand participants most associate with branded litter followed by Coca Cola.

The survey also found that respondents blame companies more than government for the problem of littering with 82% thinking companies should be doing more to lighten the load of litter, compared to 72% who think the government should be doing more.

McDonald’s this year marked the seventh anniversary of its partnership with Keep Britain Tidy during which time McDonald’s restaurants across the UK have organised 2,300 litter picking and community events, with nearly 70,000 volunteers participating.

Coca-Cola, meanwhile, recently partnered with Keep Britain Tidy to help support a network of #litterheroes to get outdoors and active cleaning up the country as part of next year’s 2018 Great British Spring Clean.

The government this week announced new steps to tackle littering. Maximum litter fines are to almost double to £150 from April next year, while new fines will be introduced for owners of vehicles from which litter is thrown.

DEFRA says the cost to the taxpayer of cleaning up litter is almost £800m a year.