• Downing Street keeps food industry waiting

    THE CONSERVATIVE election win has produced plenty of europhoria but little concrete policy on the big issues of climate change and health.                   There’s been discernible euphoria emanating from Conservative MPs and… Read More

  • “Greenest Government Ever” defies polls

    THE VOTES have been counted; the results have been declared. The Tories form a majority Government.                     David Cameron returns to No 10 following the General Election as Prime Minister. Last… Read More

  • “We have been the greenest Government ever” say Conservatives

    THE CONSERVATIVE party’s manifesto and election pledges launched this week claim to have stayed true to its promise of being the greenest Government ever.                   The Tories claim “We have been the… Read More

  • On Labour’s agenda: food equality and tougher rules on HFSS

    TOUGHER FOOD regulation and food equality is expected in the UK if Labour is elected next year.                     During a debate on ‘Making an affordable nutritious food system accessible to all’… Read More

  • UK voters tell politicians to pull their weight on environment

      UK VOTERS have delivered a stark warning to our political leaders not to neglect environment and climate change policy with the next General Election little more than a year away, according to new research commissioned by WWF-UK ahead of… Read More

  • The political print

    THE COALITION has reached the halfway stage of its term in office, and the promise to be “the greenest government ever” is proving a heavy burden to carry.   In the government’s recent mid-term review document, the first acknowledgement of the… Read More