“Greenest Government Ever” defies polls

THE VOTES have been counted; the results have been declared. The Tories form a majority Government.

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David Cameron returns to No 10 following the General Election as Prime Minister. Last night saw Labour virtually wiped out in Scotland and support for the Lib Dem’s diminish. The results have defied the opinion polls, which predicted the results to be hung between Labour and the Conservatives.


On green issues the parties have had a different stance and as Footprint’s Charles Miers comments: “We would have liked the Tories to have placed greater consideration and importance on hard environmental issues; in particular a more circular economy, sustainable farming and green energy, at a time when diminishing resource and population growth are set to be major policy considerations in the next government’s term. However, the green economy investment pledges made by Labour came at the expense of the wider economy; to spend by means of borrowing is wholly unsustainable.


“The balance between the core pillars of sustainability – social, economic, environmental as well as political – is always a difficult one to achieve. Often one is at the expense of another and short term priorities win. It is the job of those with influence and expert knowledge to work with those in government to tip the scales back to the centre.


“Footprint works to promote and advance sustainable practices in business, projecting the voice of an industry to ensure it is heard. In this way, the most responsible amongst the business community can shape long-term sustainable strategy that has a genuine impact, but is also practical in terms of implementation. It is as much the duty of the corporate world to push the responsible business agenda and hold parliament to account as it is the role of a government to aid enterprise transition to less impacting supply and value chains.”