Facilities Management

  • FM facing a ‘sustainability crunch’

    A NEW report by the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) has found an increase in barriers to implementing sustainable practise in facilities management. The survey, carried out on 309 facilities managers, found the industry’s focus on protecting corporate reputation,… Read More

  • FM services helping to boost economy

    A NEW REPORT has revealed the contributions that the business service sector has made to strengthen the UK economy.                     The report by the Business Services Association was commissioned from Oxford… Read More

  • The Supply Chain Sustainability School expands services to FM suppliers

    THE SUPPLY Chain Sustainability School, a free resource focussed on improving sustainability within the supply chain, has expanded its offer to the Facilities Management (FM) sector.                       The school was… Read More

  • First sustainable FM Index launched

    THE FIRST Sustainable FM Index report has been launched this week. Compiled by Acclaro Advisory, the University of Reading and Workplace Law the aim of the report is to showcase best practice and promote the value of the FM sector.… Read More