The Supply Chain Sustainability School expands services to FM suppliers

THE SUPPLY Chain Sustainability School, a free resource focussed on improving sustainability within the supply chain, has expanded its offer to the Facilities Management (FM) sector.

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The school was founded in 2012 by seven partners and has since experienced significant success and growth. It now has 24 partners and over 5,000 members who work together to help develop and nurture sustainable supply chain relationships and share best sustainability practice across the industry.


The Supply Chain Sustainability School is developing an infrastructure to allow collaboration between FM providers in order to create a ‘go-to’ resource available to all suppliers within the sector.


The service was launched in January 2015 and will offer e-learning modules, opportunities for involvement at supplier development days and sustainability workshops, as well as access to other groups and initiatives within the wider Supply Chain Sustainability School.


David Picton chair of the school’s FM leadership group and chief sustainability officer at Carillion says: “Environmental, social and economic responsibilities have become key to any balanced, long-term growth, but the demands on the FM services supply chain are complex, dynamic and pressurised.


“The school will offer a free support resource – built upon responsive, innovative and sustainable best practice – to help that supply chain meet the requirements of clients, managing agents, occupiers, users, regulators, other stakeholders and their wider communities.”


Amber Ritson, CPO at Cofely, added: “The expansion of this award-winning initiative signifies a positive step towards a sustainable supply chain geared to meeting the requirements of clients across the industry.”