General Election

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    Can voters be made to care about climate change?

    The UK public are concerned about the issue – but not enough for politicians to take action, writes David Burrows. As climate negotiators from nearly 200 countries descended on Bonn in May to flesh out the Paris Agreement, all eyes were… Read More

  • Downing Street keeps food industry waiting

    THE CONSERVATIVE election win has produced plenty of europhoria but little concrete policy on the big issues of climate change and health.                   There’s been discernible euphoria emanating from Conservative MPs and… Read More

  • “Greenest Government Ever” defies polls

    THE VOTES have been counted; the results have been declared. The Tories form a majority Government.                     David Cameron returns to No 10 following the General Election as Prime Minister. Last… Read More

  • Hospitality sector enjoys budget boost

    CHANCELLOR GEORGE Osborne has announced plans to allow farmers to average out their income across five years in a measure that could amount to a tax saving of £100 million.                    … Read More

  • NFU launches political campaign

    THE NATIONAL FARMERS Union (NFU) has announced it will be launching a campaign in the run up to May elections to highlight the importance of the agriculture sector in the UK.                  … Read More

  • The year 2015?

    THE GENERAL election will undoubtedly eat up much of the media and rhetorical space in the next few months. There will be much puff and little policy. But will environmental issues reappear on the radar?            … Read More

  • State of the Union

    EU MEMBERSHIP is a hot political topic with the general election looming but what has Europe done for our food industry?                           With the general election looming large… Read More

  • UK voters tell politicians to pull their weight on environment

      UK VOTERS have delivered a stark warning to our political leaders not to neglect environment and climate change policy with the next General Election little more than a year away, according to new research commissioned by WWF-UK ahead of… Read More