• Foodservice Footprint Review-1 Greenpeace adds voice to ‘less meat’ message Grocery sector news updates  news-email less meat Greenpeace

    Greenpeace adds voice to ‘less meat’ message

    Greenpeace has added its voice to the growing chorus of NGOs calling on people to eat less meat to help tackle climate change. This week the charity launched a global campaign with the goal of reducing meat and dairy production… Read More

  • Foodservice Footprint Unknown-29 Gove’s green light for deposit return scheme Grocery sector news updates  news-email Michael Gove Greenpeace DRS DEFRA

    Gove’s green light for deposit return scheme

    DEFRA has launched a four-week “call for evidence” on deposit return schemes for beverage packaging. Ministers have tasked the “voluntary and economic incentives working group” to look at a number of interventions that could reduce littering and improve recycling. However,… Read More

  • Foodservice Footprint F42-Insight How to define 'no deforestation' Comment  World Wildlife Fund Wilmar Union of Concerned Scientists Unilever Sime Darby RSPO Rainforest Action Netwrk Musim Mas Mighty KLK IOI HCSA HCS Greenpeace Golden Agri-Resources Forest Trust Forest Peoples Programme Deborah Lapidus Cargill Asian Agri

    How to define ‘no deforestation’

    After years of debate companies have finally agreed on a standard for forest protection. Now it’s time to turn words into action, writes Deborah Lapidus. Over the past three years, thanks in large part to responsible sourcing policies adopted by… Read More

  • Foodservice Footprint Page-4 Cod supply warning for foodservice brands Foodservice News and Information Out of Home sector news  Trillia Fidei Greenpeace Barents Sea

    Cod supply warning for foodservice brands

    Fishing fleets that supply major UK and European consumer brands are using giant bottom trawlers in the northern Barents Sea around Svalbard, an area known as the ‘Arctic Galapagos’. Greenpeace research, using satellite data and field work, has implicated the… Read More

  • News review

    IT APPEARS THAT all 19 government requests for bans of GM crop cultivation are expected to go unchallenged by biotech companies, paving the way for two thirds of the EU’s farmland and population to remain GM-free. According to information it… Read More

  • News Review

    Carney on climate The Bank of England’s governor caused quite a stir with a speech about climate change this week. Speaking at a Lloyd’s of London insurance event Mark Carney referred to climate change as “the tragedy of the horizon”.… Read More

  • News in review

    SALT LINKED to obesity in new study. (Small) bonus for female workers. Blow for minimum price deal on alcohol. Be careful with burgers. Pop star’s plea on climate change.                        … Read More

  • Spreading the news

    NUTELLA’S UNDESERVED criticism from the French environment minister suggests that brands could do more to highlight their progress on sustainable palm oil argues David Burrows. It’s not often that the likes of Greenpeace will jump to defence of a multinational food… Read More

  • Greenpeace exposes 20 European fishing vessels responsible for destructive fishing

    GREENPEACE IS exposing today 20 of the most destructive fishing vessels operating under European flags, ownership or management, two months ahead of a European Union (EU) deadline to end overfishing. All 20 vessels have been singled out because of their… Read More

  • Miliband announces new green 10-year plan

    LABOUR PARTY leader Ed Miliband has prioritised the green economy in his latest address at the annual Labour Conference.                     During the most recent annual party conference, Miliband set out his… Read More