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Greenpeace adds voice to ‘less meat’ message

Greenpeace has added its voice to the growing chorus of NGOs calling on people to eat less meat to help tackle climate change.

This week the charity launched a global campaign with the goal of reducing meat and dairy production and consumption by at least 50% by 2050.

A report – Less is More – sets out Greenpeace’s vision for a food system in which there is enough food for all, but one which minimises environmental damage during its production. “For livestock, that means animals are reared respectfully and without suffering, using land that is not required for human food production, yet maintaining enough land for biodiversity,” the report says.

It also states that reducing food waste and meat consumption are imperative for a future based on ecological food and farming.

In a foreword, Professor Pete Smith of the University of Aberdeen wrote: “Having looked at a range of potential options for moving toward a sustainable food system, including the full range of production-side measures available, it has become clear to me that we must significantly reduce consumption of livestock products now and into the future.”

Smith added: “We do not all need to make the once-and-forever decision to become vegetarian or vegan – reduced consumption of meat and milk among people who consume “less and better” meat/milk could have a very significant impact”.

He said Greenpeace’s vision was not driven by ideology but by scientific evidence, noting that reducing demand for livestock products is now a scientifically mainstream view.