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    Taxing sugary drinks too simplistic, says Heston

    Heston Blumenthal has questioned the validity of a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks and suggested that his fellow celebrity chef has oversimplified things in demonising the beverages. “If Jamie [Oliver]’s promoting the fact that sugar’s bad for you, then it’s a… Read More

  • Institute of Philosophy debate offers food for thought

    THE RELATIONSHIP between food and philosophy will be explored at an event to be held at the School of Advanced Study (SAS), University of London this week (February 21).                      … Read More

  • Call for legally-binding hospital food standards

    HOSPITAL CATERING standards have come under fire in a damning new report published today.   The assessment, entitled “Twenty years of hospital food failure: Why we need mandatory standards, not more ineffective voluntary initiatives”, concluded that £54 million of taxpayers’… Read More

  • Enviro-campaigners hi-jack chef’s online Q&A

    DELIA SMITH has become embroiled in a high profile spat between Waitrose and Greenpeace.   This weekend, campaigners hi-jacked an online Q&A session with the celebrity chef asking her about Waitrose’s new partnership with Shell.   The environmental group is… Read More