Horse meat

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    Fishy goings on in foodservice

    Mislabelling of supermarket fish has fallen dramatically thanks to regulation, media pressure and industry collaboration. The news is less positive for catering. Mislabelling in supermarkets has been cut to levels that might be expected through human error alone. A team… Read More

  • New scandal for Tesco as chicken is found in pork products

    FOLLOWING THE past couple of years of food scandals leading high street retailer Tesco is now embroiled in a new embarrassment as it admits to finding chicken in its pork sausages.                  … Read More

  • Buried horse meat

    NO-ONE IN the industry wants to find equine DNA in their lasagnes or burgers again, but the issue hasn’t gone away. One might think the government feels differently.   In December, Professor Chris Elliott published his interim report on the “integrity… Read More

  • A third of UK food ‘could be mislabelled’

    TESTS CARRIED out by a laboratory in West Yorkshire found that over a third of samples it examined were improperly labelled.                           Researchers looked at 900 samples across… Read More

  • Horsemeat may still be prevalent in supply chain

    A LABOUR FRONTBENCHER has suggested that thousands of tonnes of horsemeat may have entered the food supply chain in the three year’s prior to 2013’s food crisis.   Mary Creagh, who was Labour’s environment secretary at the time of the… Read More

  • Elliott Review: Create a food crime unit

    THE MUCH anticipated interim report on food supply chains, commissioned in the wake of the horsemeat scandal, has been made public after months of research.   The Government-backed review of Britain’s food system has revealed global weaknesses throughout the supply… Read More

  • Access all areas

    TWO-THIRDS of foodservice companies believe their supply chains should be open to public scrutiny. However, a third feel their doors should remain closed, according to an exclusive poll carried out at                … Read More

  • ‘FSA must be a more effective regulator’ says EFRA Committee report

    THE ENVIRONMENT, FOOD and Rural Affairs Committee yesterday (16th July) revealed the results of the Food Contamination Report, which outlined recommended changes to food regulation legislation in the UK post-horsegate.   It also said that there was confusion around the… Read More

  • Scottish report published on lessons learned from horsegate

    A REPORT ON how well the Scottish Government dealt with the horsemeat scandal and the lessons learned as a result has been published.                           Led by former Chief… Read More

  • A peek behind the Golden Arches

    MCDONALD’S HAS decided to open its supply chain up to the public but is it a genuine attempt to be more transparent or a marketing stunt?                           At… Read More