Horse meat

  • An innocent Smoothie with…Ian Goldsmith

    BRAKES IS publishing a revised sustainability strategy. Its chief operating officer explains the changes, including some that are a consequence of the horse meat scandal.                            David Burrows… Read More

  • NFU chief attacks “hypocritical” government buying standards

    THE NFU has long fought for better relationships between retailers and farmers, but its president also has the government’s buying practices in his sights.   In an exclusive interview, published in April’s Footprint, Peter Kendall refers to food procurement within… Read More

  • Takeaway burgers contain horse DNA

    TWO BEEFBURGER products sold through takeaways have been found to contain horse DNA.   In its latest round of testing, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) confirmed the results for four of the remaining five samples relating to its UK-wide sampling… Read More

  • Whitbread burger given the OK

    A WHITBREAD BURGER that tested positive for horse DNA above the 1% threshold has now been shown to contain less than 1% horse meat.   On March 26th, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) advised that a Whitbread burger had tested… Read More

  • My viewpoint: Johnny Pitt talks lacklustre PR responses to horsegate

    THE HORSE MEAT scandal highlighted serious problems with the global supply chains that bring food to our plates, but caterers and retailers didn’t help themselves with a lacklustre PR response. They’ll need to do better as the story rumbles on,… Read More

  • The political print: The blame game

    NO SOONER had the horse meat scandal erupted than the blame game began. ’Twas ever thus. Every scandal needs a villain and there’s no more convenient villain than one that is unidentifiable.                … Read More

  • A rotten year for public-sector food

    HORSE MEAT in school meals, pork in prisoners’ halal pies and a damning verdict on hospital catering have meant a troubled start to 2013 for catering companies.                          … Read More

  • More horsemeat findings possible

    SAMPLING OF THE first and second phases of the Food Standards Agency’s UK-wide survey of beef products has been completed and the initial test results published today.   The results show that 212 of the 224 samples taken in phase… Read More

  • Horse meat testing expanded

    TESTING FOR horse meat will be extended to include stock cubes, stewing steak and gelatine. In all, 514 products will be tested, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has announced. The full results will be published.   The sampling for the… Read More

  • All food firms must test meat

    ALL FOOD businesses have been ordered to conduct authenticity tests on all beef products, such as beef burgers, meatballs and lasagne, and provide the results to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) by the end of next week.   This morning… Read More