HOuse of Commons

  • News review

    More sweets at new owner of Morrisons’ Local stores and M&S   Jamie Oliver look away now. The new owner of Morrisons convenience stores has claimed the chain hasn’t turned a profit because it hasn’t been selling enough sweets to… Read More

  • News review

    Kids’ meals league table Jamie’s Italian has come top of the class in the Soil Association’s latest assessment of the food available to children in 21 of the high street’s leading restaurant chains. The company scored 64 out of 80;… Read More

  • Sugar tax still a possibility

    JAMIE OLIVER doesn’t believe a tax on sugar drinks has been written off just yet with the prime minister keen to interrogate all possible options. In an enthralling appearance in front of the House of Commons health committee yesterday, the… Read More

  • Footprint’s campaign to highlight sustainability in education gathers even more pace

    CONTINUING THE campaign to raise awareness around the importance of sustainability on the national curriculum, Footprint joined Zac Goldsmith in the House of Commons this week.   Last December Footprint Forum in partnership with TUCO and in association with Fairtrade convened… Read More

  • McDonald’s and Coca-Cola sign up to litter prevention pledge

    MCDONALD’S, KFC, Coca-Cola Enterprises and Wrigley, have all signed up to a litter prevention commitment organised by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy.                             Earlier this month, Keep… Read More

  • V.A.T. cut for hospitality industry rejected

    THE PRIME Minister has rejected calls from the hospitality industry to cut VAT to 5%, despite the backing of 28 MPs from all parties to support the measure.   The debate on cutting VAT across the sector, which took place… Read More

  • Retailers sign up to challenging new green goals

    THE UK retail industry is today (Wednesday) signing up to a range of ambitious targets for reducing its impact on the environment, having beaten the previous set across all areas.   Commitments to be announced at today’s A Better Retailing… Read More

  • House of Commons left with egg on face following ban

    CATERERS AT THE House of Commons have been criticised for causing alarm over the consumption of British eggs, after banning them from the Parliament kitchens.   Reports have emerged that liquid Dutch eggs are used in place of British shell… Read More

  • SMP’s criticise Brakes and Sodexo over horse meat info

    SCOTTISH POLITICIANS have criticised catering companies Brakes and Sodexo for their failure to publicise information about who supplied them with products contaminated with horse meat.   In a national food policy debate in Scottish Parliament this week, attention turned to… Read More

  • Sodexo reacts to horsemeat secrecy claims

    SODEXO HAS reacted to claims that it is failing to publicly disclose information relating to the contamination of frozen beef products in its supply chain.   Speaking in the House of Commons last week, shadow environment secretary Mary Creagh stated… Read More