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  • Foodservice Footprint Eat-Less-Salt-01-Shutter-51531748 Take voluntary deals with a pinch of salt Out of Home News Analysis  Responsibility Deal RD Jane Ellison FSA Costa CASH

    Take voluntary deals with a pinch of salt

    Did someone say it was job done on salt reduction? “The UK is among the world leaders in reducing salt. More than 70% of the retail market and 65% of big high-street restaurants and contract caterers have committed to cutting… Read More

  • RIP Responsibility Deal?

    THE GOVERNMENT’S public health responsibility deal is being wound down, according to a report in the Sunday Times. Sources told the paper that the industry continues to work on the voluntary pledges, but there have been no meetings since the… Read More

  • Foodservice Footprint shutterstock_230856043-300x2001 Is Britain lagging behind when it comes to sustainable diets? My Viewpoint  Sustinable diets Principles of Healthy & Sustainable Eating Patterns Jane Ellison Eatwell Plate Eatwell DEFRA

    Is Britain lagging behind when it comes to sustainable diets?

    A growing number of countries are thinking green when it comes to their dietary guidelines, and Britain needs to follow their lead. As world leaders prepare for vitally important climate change negotiations in Paris at the end of the year, it’s… Read More

  • Weighty problems

    CONSUMERS ARE confused about what makes them fat so it’s no surprise a third don’t consider health when they’re eating out. That means businesses have to, but is the Responsibility Deal enough to make a difference?        … Read More

  • Minister’s viewpoint

    IN THE past year, barely a week has gone by without lively debate over the potential impact that salt, fat, and in particular sugar can have on our bodies.                       … Read More

  • Public Health Minister Guest Editor for Footprint Magazine

    PUBLIC HEALTH Minister, Jane Ellison, is guest editing the November issue of Footprint magazine.                   Featuring an exclusive thought leadership article on the Department of Health’s Responsibility Deal, the special edition will… Read More

  • Sodexo pledges to reduce salt

    SODEXO IS one of 30 UK companies to have signed up to the Responsibility Deal Food Network’s latest salt reduction pledges.                           The targets – F9 Salt Reduction and… Read More

  • Sugar tax could tackle rising obesity

    DAME SALLY DAVIES, Chief Medical Officer for England, has said that a sugar tax may have to be introduced to help reduce the rising obesity figures.                            … Read More

  • Thousands of tonnes of saturated fat removed from UK’s diet

    MORE THAN one and a half Olympic size swimming pools of saturated fat will be removed from the nation’s diet over the next year as part of a drive to cut the amount of saturated fat in our food.  … Read More