Sustainability Reporting

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    Tips for target reporting

    As companies analyse their progress against 2015 environmental targets, marketing expert Jo Arden explains why honesty is the best approach. As the new year gathers pace, many brands in the food sector are already putting together reports on their progress against… Read More

  • Tell us a (sustainable) story

    BUSINESSES ARE moving away from bulky reports and towards more effective ways of communicating their performance on social responsibility.                     While politicians debate lengthy new reports on climate change, businesses are preparing some… Read More

  • Retailers race ahead on green goals

    RETAILERS have exceeded their environmental targets relating to waste, transport and energy, according to a new progress report.   The report, “A Better Retailing Climate”, shows how the sector is performing across a range of impacts.   In each case… Read More

  • Europe’s new resource efficiency manifesto

    THE EUROPEAN Commission has published its vision of what a resource efficient Europe will look like: more environmental reporting and fewer resource-intensive products.     In a world with growing pressures on resources and the environment, the Commission called for… Read More

  • Brave new world of reporting

    THE SUSTAINABILITY report is dead. Long live the sustainability factsheet, or interactive website or anything but a dull 40-page document that very few people will read.                     Sustainability reporting has come… Read More

  • Footprint Forum: Sustainability Reporting

    ON WEDNESDAY grandees of the foodservice industry gathered for the last Footprint Forum of 2012 at the Butchers Hall, sponsored by CH&Co, for a frank and open discussion about Sustainability Reporting in our sector.           Tom… Read More