Footprint Forum: Sustainability Reporting

ON WEDNESDAY grandees of the foodservice industry gathered for the last Footprint Forum of 2012 at the Butchers Hall, sponsored by CH&Co, for a frank and open discussion about Sustainability Reporting in our sector.

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Tom Beagent advisor in PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Sustainability and Climate Change Team took to the stage to talk about the innovative thought and principles that should guide us when reporting on environmental, social and economic sustainability. Entirely unpredicted content ensued. Lucinda Hensman, Corporate Responsibility and Communications Associate Director at Coca Cola Enterprises gave the Forum members a candid account of the objectives that need to be set out and the forensic detail that has to be considered before embarking on a Sustainability Reporting journey.

In a 1-2-1 interview Dr Rebecca Hawkins talked about the realities of Sustainability Reporting and the reputational benefits that can be relised.

Tom and Lucinda were joined for a panel discussion by Jiggy Lloyd a consultant on public policy, corporate strategy and sustainable development, who completed her first Sustainability Report in 1994 and Glenn Roberts Managing Director of Gram UK who was able to shed light on the realities of measurement processes in foodservice operations.

The panel surmised that Sustainability Reporting is an evolving process. How it is conducted today will not be the way it will be conducted tomorrow. Its not about a document; its about understanding why your business is setting out to do it.

Footprint Forum concluded with leaders of the foodservice sustainability community making the most of the environment, enjoying fabulous food and wonderful wines.