• Foodservice Footprint TUCO-Graphic-2 The war on waste – winning one battle at a time Best Practice  TUCO

    The war on waste – winning one battle at a time

    Through conducting this research study, it has become clear that food waste is a huge issue for many universities and one that TUCO members care deeply about. The majority of catering professionals in our sector are extremely environmentally conscious and… Read More

  • Foodservice Footprint TUCO-Image-1 Food waste high among university challenges Foodservice News and Information Out of Home sector news  TUCO news-email Footprint Intelligence food waste

    Food waste high among university challenges

    Tackling food waste ranks as one of the most important sustainability priorities for universities and their catering managers, according to new research. The report from The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO), produced by Footprint Intelligence, found that the vast majority of… Read More

  • Foodservice Footprint Unknown-2 What drives action on food waste? Out of Home News Analysis  TUCO Tackles Food Waste TUCO news-email Higher Education Footprint Intelligence food waste

    What drives action on food waste?

    By the end of the year, the hospitality and foodservice sector could be wasting £3 billion on food waste, the majority of which is unavoidable. That equates to about £2,100 per tonne. Every gram wasted is wasted profit. For those… Read More

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    Tough decisions on ethical meat

    Would you customers still eat your food if they knew where it came from? If not, you’re at risk. Amy Fetzer reports from November’s forum on animal welfare. Three-quarters of consumers rank animal welfare concerns as the top issue which makes… Read More

  • New Year, new nominees for the Health & Vitality Honours 2016

    THE ROLL OF Honour for the 2016 Health & Vitality Honours has today been announced by sustainability champion Footprint, after much anticipation from the Food Industry. Now in its fourth year, the Health & Vitality Honours is the platform for… Read More

  • Footprint Forum: Animal welfare – we’ve come a long way baby

    Three quarters of consumers rank animal welfare concerns as the top issue which makes a company ethical but is the foodservice industry doing enough to ensure animal welfare, and if so, are we communicating it to customers? The conclusion from… Read More

  • Any colour as long as its green

    Green is a colour washing over the Catering Industry, as operators up and down the country continue to make strides in their sustainability efforts. And, with the Government announcing plans for a new living wage, now more than ever is the… Read More

  • Making the most of marketing

    JUST THINK about the last big purchase you made and why you chose it – invariably it will lead back to something you’ve read, seen or heard. The same, often subconscious, thinking affects our eating habits and tapping into this… Read More

  • Future proofing – the TUCO way

    THE ISSUE of skills in the UK Foodservice sector appears to be reaching critical mass; open any trade magazine and the headlines jump out. The topic is the subject of conversation amongst the great and good of the industry, but perhaps… Read More

  • Intelligence boost

    FRANCIS BACON once said ‘Knowledge is power’ and he couldn’t have been more right. Really understanding your audience is the key to growth in any business, and that can only come from frequent research to gauge the shifting nature of consumer… Read More