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The war on waste – winning one battle at a time

Through conducting this research study, it has become clear that food waste is a huge issue for many universities and one that TUCO members care deeply about. The majority of catering professionals in our sector are extremely environmentally conscious and want to ensure that the lasting impact of their operations on the planet is minimised.

Significantly reducing food wastage will take time, with data analysis and perhaps legislation key factors in achieving truly meaningful results. However, everyone can take steps in the right direction with relatively little investment. These include changes to the way waste is managed both front and back of house, encouraging customers to think about how much they throw away and educating them about waste separation. In addition, asking staff to talk directly to students about the food on offer as well as thinking more about portion size will enable more efficient planning.

Tackling waste is a long-term war; together we will get there – one battle at a time.