Voluntary Agreement

  • Minister’s viewpoint

    IN THE past year, barely a week has gone by without lively debate over the potential impact that salt, fat, and in particular sugar can have on our bodies.                       … Read More

  • Food waste a priority for “sustainable cities”

    BUSINESSES, COMMUNITIES and local authorities need to better manage food waste, according to one of the UK’s leading waste companies.   As part of its new manifesto, Veolia Environmental Services called on the Government to encourage local authorities and businesses… Read More

  • School caterer recycles food waste

    INDEPENDENT SCHOOL caterer the Brookwood Partnership has teamed up with recycling company Cawleys to increase the array of recycling options available to their clients.    Brookwood has launched Cawleys’ “Eco Eating” system into a number of sites across their portfolio,… Read More

  • Waste agreement published

    A NEW VOLUNTARY agreement for the foodservice sector has been published.   Businesses signing up to the ‘Hospitality and Foodservice Agreement’ will be required to cut their waste and divert more of what’s left to recycling, composting and anaerobic digestion… Read More

  • Waste agreement explained

    THE NEW voluntary agreement for the foodservice sector was published June 27. Here is a breakdown of what we know so far.   What is it? The Hospitality and Foodservice Agreement is a voluntary scheme to encourage the sector to… Read More

  • Voluntary agreement looking more likely to be end of June

    THE LONG-AWAITED voluntary agreement on waste for the hospitality sector looking more likely to be end of June with many more hurdles to overcome.   A progress report of the Government’s waste review 2011 stated that development of the so-called … Read More

  • Voluntary agreement on waste

    THE FOODSERVICE industry will have to reduce its food and packaging waste by 5% under proposals published by the Waste and Resources Action Programme.   The percentage of food and packaging waste recycled, composted or sent to anaerobic digestion will… Read More