School caterer recycles food waste

INDEPENDENT SCHOOL caterer the Brookwood Partnership has teamed up with recycling company Cawleys to increase the array of recycling options available to their clients. 


Brookwood has launched Cawleys’ “Eco Eating” system into a number of sites across their portfolio, recycling both food waste and food packaging alongside traditional waste and recycling services.


The system will, said Brookwood, save on landfill and incinerator alternatives.


Many foodservice businesses are looking at how to divert more of their food waste from landfill. A new voluntary agreement will also encourage more businesses to cut waste and divert more of what’s left to recycling, composting or anaerobic digestion.


The Government’s waste advisors at Wrap have calculated that it costs about £100 a tonne to dispose of food, not to mention the various other costs involved in the food system such as manufacturing, transporting, storing and preparing products.


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