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Wonky veg is wonderful, say retailers

Around one in two retailers believes wonky veg provides a commercial opportunity, according to new research.

A survey of 152 UK supermarket executives by Blue Yonder showed that 55% of middle managers and 57% of senior managers felt their customers would “definitely” buy imperfect fresh produce that has been discounted.

This fell to 43% among junior managers, but increased to 77% of directors.

In Germany there was even more enthusiasm for new lines of ugly apples and knobbly carrots: 94% of retail directors there said the idea would work.

Supermarkets have been heavily criticised for their exacting cosmetic standards on fruit and veg, which create mountains of food waste at the farm gate.

Therefore, by launching new ranges of less than perfect products, they are offering customers a saving and cutting waste. It’s a win-win in terms of reputation and foodservice companies should follow suit.