Adande – What winning a Footprint Awards means

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A key part of the Adande vision statement is … “to become trusted globally as an innovator, developing proprietary, sustainable technologies that meet real customer needs in food storage, display and service.” As a result we were very pleased and proud to win the Best Sustainable Equipment Manufacturer Award in 2012. We believe our refrigerated drawer systems are unique, valued by customers and the most sustainable foodservice refrigeration equipment in the market. The Footprint Awards have the highest accreditation of any “sustainable” award schemes and this recognition was therefore particularly important.


We shared the success with many of our key customers who would both appreciate the importance of the award. We got a lot of very positive feedback. We also shared the recognition with the leading kitchen design houses in the industry and again the feedback was very positive.


Finally we shared the news with partners overseas and were very pleased by the response.


It has certainly helped Adande to plant its sustainable equipment “footprint” firmly in this market.


Nigel Bell – Chairman & CEO, Adande