Burger King introduces locally sourced menu to new Indian restaurant

BURGER KING has developed a unique and locally sourced menu for its new restaurant in New Delhi, India, the first one to open in the country.

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The global fast food chain’s new menu has been researched and tested by more than 5,000 customers across 8 cities and some of the innovative products include: the Vegetarian Whopper sandwich, the Mutton Whopper sandwich, the Chicken Whopper sandwich, the Chicken Tandoor Grill, and the King’s Paneer Melt.


The restaurant is equipped with a dual production line (one each for vegetarian and non-vegetarian products) and even the staff managing vegetarian and non-vegetarian products are different.


We are extremely pleased to launch this iconic brand into one of the largest and most dynamic consumer markets in the world. We have managed to successfully combine the Burger King brand philosophy of exceptional taste, fresh ingredients and good value with Indian flavours and locally sourced produce,” says Sameer Sain, co-founder and managing partner, Everstone Capital.


The response has been overwhelming and we look forward to delivering exceptional food and an extraordinary guest experience as we continue to open outlets across the country.


The restaurant opening in New Delhi is expected to be followed by additional openings in New Delhi and Mumbai, as well as expansion into new cities and regions in 2015.