Caterers to chat with tea growers

CATERERS WILL be able to communicate directly with the communities producing their tea, thanks to a new project launched by Tetley.


To support their commitment to Rainforest Alliance, Tetley has launched a new social media initiative, facilitated by Facebook.


In March last year, Foodservice Footprint revealed Tetley’s Farmers First Hand Facebook campaign which allowed consumers to communicate directly with communities that produce tea. The idea was to open up a dialogue given that “there is only so much we can do on pack” said director of sustainability Sara Howe.


The Facebook site already has over 65,000 ’likes’ and receives daily updates from tea producers in South Africa and Malawi who give an insight into their daily lives, the communities in which they live and what is involved in achieving and maintaining their Rainforest Alliance Certified status.


Now the campaign is expanding to caterers so they too can pose questions, respond to the posts left by the farmers and view photos and videos of life in and around a tea estate.


Tetley marketing director Dorothy Sieber said the communication campaign will benefit caterers and farmers alike.


“Tetley has large and loyal following of caterers and consumers and this initiative helps to open up dialogue between the tea producers, farmers and the caterers who sell our tea, rather than relying solely on communicating the sustainable, environmental message through the Rainforest Alliance message on the pack.”


Aside from learning about the tea production process and communicating directly with the farmers, caterers have the ability to post pictures of customers enjoying a mug of tea, enter discussions with others in the UK and use games and competitions to win prizes including samples, packs and other tea related prizes.