Charlton House makes more salt cuts two years ahead of target

OVER 1,500 foods hit new salt reduction targets as business delivers on Government Public Health Responsibility Deal Pledge.

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On the first anniversary of its commitment to the Government’s 2017 Public Health Responsibility Deal on salt reduction Charlton House has reached the set targets on 60% of its food covered in the pledge – two years ahead of schedule.Over 1,500 products served by the business and industry (B&I) dining specialist have hit the new lower salt levels, and roughly 1,000 more remain in its sights.


Serving 60,000 workplace meals daily, Charlton House was the first caterer to commit to the deal and puts its success down to three initiatives. Firstly by reducing salt added in meal preparation through its Chef Nutrition Training course; secondly by working with suppliers to reduce the salt in products purchased; and lastly by regulating salt availability at the diner’s plate.


Particularly successful categories where salt has been meaningfully reduced include cereals where 76% products now meet reduced target levels, pasta (75%), Bread (60%) and cheese (58%).



Additionally its Chef Nutrition Training course has helped chefs identify ways to reduce salt from their menus, without losing any of the taste. Initially hosted by Raymond Blanc for 40 head chefs, the salt training has since been rolled out and 125 chefs who have since taken part have reduced added salt by 15%.


Diner-facing initiatives have also been effective – with clients using lower salt alternatives, such as salt-free butter. Salt tolerance testing sessions with clients are constantly being rolled out across Charlton House’s 80 client network too.


Caroline Fry, CH&Co Chief Executive (B&I) says “We’re extremely pleased to have done much towards this salt reduction target so early on in this process but we won’t be resting on our laurels. Caterers can play a vital role in helping people enjoy healthy, nutritious food without compromising on taste.”


Independent nutritionist Amanda Ursell, who advises Charlton House, says: “One of the quickest, and easiest, ways to lower your blood pressure is to reduce your salt intake and Charlton House is committed to doing just that.”


Kawther Hashem, Nutritionist of CASH said: “It’s great to see Charlton House continuing to look at ways to reduce salt in people’s diets.  For every 1 gram reduction in the nation’s salt intake we can prevent 6,000 people dying prematurely from strokes, heart attacks and heart failure.” 


Whilst Charlton House has led this programme, the extent of the salt reduction success can be seen across other CH&Co business units too. Click here for full pledge details: