Foodservice Footprint Eat-Less-Salt-01-Shutter-51531748 CH&Co Group reduces salt usage by 28% Best Practice

CH&Co Group reduces salt usage by 28%

CH&Co Group strengthened its ongoing commitment to minimising salt in its recipes during Salt Awareness Week 2017, reducing the amount used across the business by an impressive 28%.

The group-wide activity demonstrated that by adapting recipes, where possible, with the use of herbs and spices, the amount of salt needed can be decreased.  Every site was challenged to look at its dishes to see where further salt reductions could be made.  Each site weighed the salt used in the kitchens prior to Salt Awareness Week and then for the week itself, to measure the impact of the changes.

Judy Roberts, creative director at CH&Co Group, said: “The results clearly show that by getting creative with herbs, spices and perhaps of dash of lemon or lime, the amount of salt used in recipes can be easily reduced without compromising on taste and flavours. 28% is a significant reduction and if you forecast a potential salt reduction across the business for one year, this figure translates into a mind-blowing four tonnes!

“Reducing salt in our recipes has been a core focus for the business for many years and it’s a key part of the Chef Nutrition Workshop that we offer.  It’s really important that we help our kitchen teams to understand the role they can play in improving the diets of our customers. The Salt Awareness Week activity was a great way to strengthen our commitment and refocus salt-reduction efforts across our sites. The changes made during the week will benefit our customers ongoing, and our chefs will continue to identify new opportunities to keep salt usage to the minimum.”

The business was also a sponsor for the awareness week that works to increase public knowledge of the health implications of consuming too much salt.