Commercial benefit through putting environmental measures in place

One of The Caterers Linen Supply’s largest customers, ISS Eaton is ISS’s Business & Industry catering division within the UK. Established 25 years ago as Eaton Fine Dining Ltd, they have a reputation for providing exemplary food of the highest quality.  Following its acquisition by ISS, the leading facilities services provider, ISS Eaton has grown into a national catering provider supplying catering services to 126 contracts from Edinburgh and Glasgow to Maidstone. Their catering turnover for 2008 was over £31 million and they currently employ almost 1200 catering staff. 

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Zuzana Slovikova, Procurement Manager at ISS Eaton states, “We were looking for a linen hire and laundry company that could give us more personal service and would be more willing and able to tailor their services to meet our needs.  The Caterers Linen Supply was offering exactly what we needed. They have proven to be an excellent partner in delivering total services across our entire UK business”.


Zuzana continues, “We especially appreciate the lengths they have gone to in order to ensure they are as environmentally friendly as possible – this is important to us. They have put some great measures in place”.


The Caterers Linen Supply firstly conducted a trial by initially servicing a small selection of ISS Eaton accounts, as they have done with several groups. Zuzana comments, “The trial went exceptionally well which gave us a lot of confidence in The Caterers Linen Supply making the transition very smooth”.


Glyn Mulholland, Commercial Director of The Caterers Linen Supply stated, “Following the initial trial involving several units in Scotland, the Midlands and London, ISS Eaton were pleased with the performance and we rolled out the service to all locations very quickly and within 3 weeks were servicing all of their units. We were really pleased that we were able to demonstrate how quickly we can react to customers requirements and that we deliver a comprehensive national service. Gaining this contract was a breakthrough demonstrating our national service capability”


The Caterers Linen Supply understands that it is always a difficult decision to leave a current supplier, especially when you have been with them for quite some time. Zuzana describes, “Our previous supplier was one of the biggest laundry companies on the market but was lacking flexibility. The long management channels caused a frustration in dealing with our requirement quickly enough. The Caterers Linen Supply came with a competitive proposal and offered service which suited our business much better”.


Glyn declared, “We are delighted that we are meeting and exceeding ISS Eaton’s expectations. We worked hard to achieve the excellent working relationship that we now have with them. We understand that it takes time for customers to gain confidence in a supplier and then after a short time they see our attitude and learn that they can rely on us. As with all our customers, we always try to respond to ISS Eaton’s requests and be as flexible as we possibly can rather than rigid and fixed in our ways. As experienced as we all are at The Caterers Linen Supply, we still believe in listening to and learning from our customers. We support each other too – for example ISS Eaton have kindly attended a number of events that we have held and we were delighted to support their annual conference.”


The Caterers Linen Supply endeavours to always provide the highest quality products. They also pride themselves in offering excellent customer service.


Glyn comments, “ISS Eaton could tell that we had sourced an excellent standard stock range which they were very happy to go ahead with. This helped enable us to start supplying them quickly also. We also believe in providing the very best after sales service that we can for customers and do not underestimate how important this is to maintain”.


“I have spoken to some of our head chefs and catering managers and they spoke very highly of the quality of the products and services that The Caterers Linen Supply provides to them,” Zuzana declares, “The products are good quality – always cleaned and delivered on time. They always meet our needs and expectations”.


Zuzana continues, “The Caterers Linen Supply provide reliable service and their staff are very helpful and often willing to go the extra mile to meet our requirements. I would definitely recommend The Caterers Linen Supply to anyone considering changing their laundry supplier”.