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Earth Day

Today (22 April) marks the 46th annual Earth Day. Started in 1970, the event encourages us all to channel our energy towards environmental issues with more than a billion people planning to be involved in some way, but as the organisation behind it says, it’s more than just a day and it’s bigger than attending a rally or taking a stand.

Earth Day will be hit its half century in 2020 and is looking to build on the momentum from the Paris summit, and to mark a countdown to 2020 the organisation has picked a theme for 2016 Earth Day – trees.

In fact, 7.8 billion trees. If we all plant 4 or 5 in our back garden, community spaces or place of business, that’s a great start. Many of us are involved in projects where there are genuine opportunities to increase the tree count – whether it’s new developments, regeneration schemes, relandscaping or improving spaces and place.

This year, today there are dozens of events happening across the UK, and thousands across the world. Let us know how your organisation’s events went, what you did, what inspired it and what else you are planning beyond this one day each year.

Let’s think trees – the lungs of the planet, sources of shelter, fuel and food. Action speaks louder than words.