Foodservice Footprint getting-inside-customers-minds Getting Inside Customers’ Minds research in association with Compass Reports

Getting Inside Customers’ Minds research in association with Compass

How much do customers think about health when eating out of home?

What words and messaging communicate healthier choices to them?

What kinds of healthier options do they want?

And how can foodservice capitalise on health and wellbeing trends whilst helping to tackle the food-related health crisis?

This abridged report of the Getting Inside Customers’ Minds research in association with Compass, is based on surveys conducted with 355 customers at seven Compass UK & Ireland workplace sites, provides the answers to these vital questions.

It provides valuable insight to foodservice providers to ensure their workplace offer:

  • Meets customers’ expectations by providing the types of healthier options they want and will buy
  • Is presented in a way that is meaningful to customers by using words and messaging that speaks to them and their priorities
  • Overcomes the barriers to healthier choices, such as preconceptions about taste, cost and value
  • Taps in to the consumer shift towards healthy eating, driving sales
  • Helps tackle the diet and lifestyle-related health crisis by helping customers to make healthier choices when eating out of home.

From the stunning fact that 75% of customers now know that their food choices impact on the environment to revealing a clear desire to have clearer nutritional information available at point of sale, this report not only provides a picture of customers’ knowledge and expectations around food and health, but also provides detail on how these insights should drive action.

By knowing what consumers think about healthy food in the workplace, operators can try and create an offer that matches what their customers are looking for, whilst ensuring these preferences are communicated in language and through channels that are meaningful to them.

It is in every responsible operator’s remit to support their customers in making healthy choices. Getting inside customers’ minds provides the insight needed to ensure that efforts hit their mark.

The operators at the vanguard are those who are proactive. They will embrace and act on these insights and recommendations. The question is: is your business one of them?

So please, digest, enjoy, act!

Please download the report as a pdf file using this link.