Join The Go Green Debate with Gram

GRAM LAUNCHES its ‘The Go Green Debate”  Tuesday the 28th April 2015.

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The hospitality industry is the third biggest employer in the UK and as such it is no wonder that one of the biggest topic in the industry right now is sustainability.


Gram is opening the conversation as it discusses “A Sustainable Skill Set: From classroom to kitchen, is sustainability on the training agenda?” It will look at how student and trainee chefs learn how to run an energy efficient and environmentally responsible kitchen from the outset of their careers. As well as what the current curriculum teach them about operational sustainability awareness, and what initiatives can be introduced in the kitchen to further learning.


With an impressive line-up of industry experts – including chef patron Cyrus Todiwala, CESA Chair Simon Frost CFSP, and managing director at the Responsible Hospitality Partnership and consultancy fellow at Oxford Brookes University, Dr Rebecca Hawkins – this first webinar will be chaired by Gram’s managing director, Glenn Roberts and will assess if and how chefs are being educated in sustainable issues, and what can be done to enhance this learning.


Gram’s Go Green Debate series will take place on the following dates:


1. Developing a sustainable skill set: From classroom to kitchen, is sustainability on the training agenda? – 28th April

2. Achieving a sustainable bottom line: Are operational efficiencies the recipe for business success? – 25th June

3. Working towards a sustainable future: What’s in store for the sustainable kitchen – 24th September

4. The Go Green Summit: Sharing best practice for a sustainable foodservice future- 20th October. The free to attend, half-day summit is the culmination of the webinar series and will be held at The Charlotte Street Hotel.