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LEAF reports spike in sustainable food

Global demand for sustainable food has led to a spike in the volume of crops grown to Leaf Marque standards, according to the certification body.

The area of land around the world growing LEAF Marque crops increased by 28% last year, according to the findings of LEAF’s latest annual Global Impacts Report.

In the UK alone, a third of all fruit are vegetables are now produced to LEAF standards compared with a quarter in 2014, while in crops such as leeks, beetroot and spring onion, the proportion has reached over 75%.

“Market demand for more sustainable food and farming is helping to drive positive change in how our land is farmed and managed,” said LEAF chief executive, Caroline Drummond MBE. “As more retailers and processors choose LEAF Marque certified products, more farmers will benefit from the opportunities that higher demand for sustainable food and farming can deliver.”

The report also highlighted significant improvements in businesses monitoring key environmental indicators such as nitrogen efficiency (+47%), carbon footprint (+53%) and crop health (+44%).