Marriott’s Sustainable Fish Pledge

The Marriott Hotel in Park Lane has pledged that 100 per cent of its seafood supplies will come from sustainable sources, in a move hailed as a blueprint for the group’s  kitchens around the world.  The decision to support seafood sustainability was taken when M&J Seafood presented to Marriott chefs in Germany, discussing the issues associated with using over-utilised seafood on restaurant menus. It resulted in seafood specialists working closely with Kavita Bengali, executive chef at 140 Park Lane, part of the five-star flagship hotel, to consider what changes needed to be made to her current menus and where adequate and reliable supplies of good quality seafood could be obtained.


The restaurant has now swapped dishes, such as its once popular smoked eel – European Eel has suffered dramatic declines in recent years and is now deemed as endangered – with sustainable dishes including the award-winning south coast lemon sole with Canadian potted shrimp.


The initiative has won 140 Park Lane a coveted four blue fish rating from Fish2Fork – only three restaurants across Britain have managed better with ratings of four and a half. Mike Berthet, director of seafood for M&J Seafood played a vital role in the restaurant’s decision to banish over-utilised seafood stocks from its menu.


He said: “We are extremely impressed with Kavita Bengali and her team at the restaurant for their enthusiasm, approach and commitment to make changes. They bit the bullet and they are truly on board serving quality fish and seafood from sustainable and well managed fisheries from around the world.”