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Restaurants want legislation on tips

A large majority of restaurants would welcome legislation that stipulates where money from tips should go, new research has found.

The survey from AA Hotel and Hospitality Services found that 81% of UK restaurants would be in favour of new legislation that requires all restaurants to share tips with waiting staff.

It also found that more than half (54%) of British diners consider UK tipping etiquette to be confusing and awkward. Typical concerns include not knowing whether tips will go to waiting staff, confusion about how much to tip and uncertainties around using credit card machines to add a tip.

The same survey found that the majority of restaurants welcome tipping but uncovered clear divisions on policies regarding optional service charges with an almost even split between those restaurants excluding and including service charges on bills.

“Tipping is optional and while there is no legal obligation to leave one, our research brings to light a social dilemma affecting the majority of British diners,” said Caroline Walford, customer support manager, AA Hotel and Hospitality Services. “Perhaps this survey points towards a lingering British embarrassment surrounding money or perhaps it’s time for more clarity for both consumers and those in the hospitality industry.”