Rio 2016 launches Sustainability Management Plan

THE ORGANISING COMMITTEE for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games this week presented its Sustainability Management Plan, as it starts to integrate sustainability best practice into planning and operations.


The launch was marked by the signing of a technical cooperation agreement with the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) which will, among other things, provide an evaluation plan and mediation around the sustainability between Rio 2016 and the wider community.


The strategic goals of the Sustainability Plan relates to the three pillars that were proposed in the Games bid application and are aligned with the principles of sustainable development ratified by the United Nations Conference on the Environment. The three pillars consist of the following nine themes:


Planet (Reduced Environmental Footprint): Transport and Logistics, Sustainable Design and Construction, Conservation and Environmental Restoration, Waste Management


People: Engagement and Awareness, Universal Accessibility, Diversity and Inclusion


Prosperity: Sustainable Supply Chain, Management and Reporting


“Our goal is to integrate sustainability in all organisational processes, reducing the impact of the Games and setting an example of good practice for society as a whole”, said Rio 2016 President, Carlos Arthur Nuzman.