Sustainable Use Of Natural Resources sponsored by Huhtamaki

The Award was presented by Huhtamaki’s Sales Director John Young

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This category focused on the efficient management and use of natural resource – water, fuel, land, energy to meet the needs we have today and help sustain those resources for use by future generations. Judges in this category focused on significant provable reduction of use of natural resources, impact, lifecycle, efficient management, renewable resources and technology.


Shortlisted in this category were:




The London Linen Group


As the judges said ‘Innovation is at the heart of this entry, a major first for this business’, the Runner up was The London Linen Group


Of the winner one judge said ‘The significant steps evident over the past few years in everything they do is a giant leap forward and needs to be rewarded”. The Winner is Brakes for their entry ‘Delivering a sustainable future for foodservice….’