• Farmers get desperate as ministers primed to step in

    FARMING LEADERS have gone hoarse in recent days calling for “seismic change” in the way food is sold.                           Now they have published an action plan to avoid… Read More

  • 60 billion Euros are lost in food supply chain

    A NEW REPORT from Dutch multinational bank Rabobank has revealed that the waste in the European Food and Agriculture (F&A) supply chain is as much as 60 billion euros a year.                  … Read More

  • UK faces agriculture crisis

    THE NATIONAL FARMERS Union (NFU) will announce that the UK is set to face a crisis in its agriculture production outputs if more is not done to invest in farming.                    … Read More


    THE FOOD Standards Agency has given a huge endorsement to the safety of British eggs by relaxing its advice on using eggs after their best before date. The Agency, which had previously stated that all eggs must be used within… Read More

  • Footprint Forum at Fruit Towers: Report, Videos, Presentations

    Full report, video and presentations now available for registered users:  Click here .  To register for FREE Click here   The Footprint Forum went to Fruit Towers on 23 November.  A report, the presentations and video featuring speakers and delegate insights into… Read More

  • Full report and presentations: Agriculture Abroad Footprint Forum

    Footprint Forum 23 November 2011  (For Video at the Forum click here) The foodservice industry faces many headaches when it comes to international sourcing of raw materials. But October’s forum provided a clarity and vision that ensured it was only the… Read More

  • Video: Footprint Forum at Fruit Towers (2 videos available)

    The Footprint Forum went to Fruit Towers to talk about Agriculture Abroad and the positive contribution that Foodservice can make to the global food system and sustainability.  For the written report of what went on at the Forum click here… Read More

  • Warning over illegal eggs

    The EU’s first ever legislation designed to improve animal welfare might not be worth the paper it’s written on.   From January 1, barren battery cages – those that don’t allow hens to carry out natural behaviours such as foraging… Read More

  • Video: Water Why Worry?

    Hear the top line from speakers at the Footprint Forum. Water Scarcity, water management, water stewardship is fast becoming an essential part of sustainability policy – water is also becoming an ever increasing cost and an ever dwindling resource. Read More

  • Why Farming Matters

    …to the nation’s economy, environment and our health.   In contradiction to the idea that food production is one of the major scourges on the environment, the NFU firmly believes that agriculture is actually part of the solution to climate… Read More