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    Investors warn of antibiotic risks

    Leading food and restaurants brands have been urged to reduce the level of antibiotic use in their meat supply chains or risk seeing their market valuation suffer. Financiers including Aviva Investors, Strathclyde Pension Fund and Coller Capital called on brands… Read More

  • Milk crisis comes to our doorsteps

    FARMERS SUFFERING from low prices have so far targeted supermarkets with their protest but foodservice firms can’t afford to ignore the issue, writes David Burrows. The milk crisis has finally spilled over into the foodservice sector. In recent weeks retail… Read More

  • NHS tries to dump junk food

    CATERING FIRMS will be hauled in front of the NHS England board and told to offer up healthier choices in the country’s hospitals.                   Fast food chains operating on hospital sites, including… Read More

  • Global benchmark on animal welfare rankings disappointingly low

    MARKS & Spencer, Waitrose and Coop Group (Switzerland) have been given top marks in a global annual farm animal welfare Business Benchmark report, with Burger King, Mars and Müller among 21 companies languishing at the bottom of the league table.… Read More

  • Burger King introduces locally sourced menu to new Indian restaurant

    BURGER KING has developed a unique and locally sourced menu for its new restaurant in New Delhi, India, the first one to open in the country.                     The global fast food… Read More

  • New study reveals differences in salt levels in food brands in different countries

    A NEW 2014 international survey by World Action on Salt and Health reveals that people in certain countries are still being fed double the amount of salt by popular brands as other countries.                … Read More

  • Kids’ menus under the spotlight

    WETHERSPOON IS one of the few chains doing well at catering for children, who are getting a ‘raw deal’ all too often according to researchers.   Wetherspoon might not be the first port of call for health- conscious parents, but… Read More

  • A peek behind the Golden Arches

    MCDONALD’S HAS decided to open its supply chain up to the public but is it a genuine attempt to be more transparent or a marketing stunt?                           At… Read More

  • Under the microscope

    MINISTERS AND food safety officials are trying to work out how to reassure a concerned public. Footprint reports from the first supply chain conference after the horse meat scandal.                      … Read More

  • McDonald’s opens supply chain to customer

    MCDONALD’S HAS had a “phenomenal response” to a new supply chain initiative launched just under a month ago.   The fast food chain is looking for a dozen willing customers to become “quality scouts”, who will go behind the scenes… Read More