• Potato stocks down by almost 20%

    ONE OF the wettest winters and coldest springs recorded has led to the lowest yielding potato crops since the drought of 1976.                   The Britsih Potato Council has warned that stocks are… Read More

  • NewsAnalysis: risk and opportunity of climate change?

    FOUR TIMES as many businesses and households could be at risk from flooding in 20 years’ time. On the flipside, businesses are also being warned about water use. Droughts have already affected parts of the UK this year and they… Read More

  • April showers ease water fears

    PUBLIC WATER supplies, agricultural water stores and wildlife habitats have been replenished by April downpours. The wettest April on record and continuing rain in May have significantly reduced the risks of serious drought and widespread water restrictions this summer, according… Read More

  • Video: Water Why Worry?

    Hear the top line from speakers at the Footprint Forum. Water Scarcity, water management, water stewardship is fast becoming an essential part of sustainability policy – water is also becoming an ever increasing cost and an ever dwindling resource. Read More

  • Water – Way to Go

    Whitney Kakos, Impact & Sustainability Manager at Cafédirect tells Foodservice Footprint about a range of strategies devised to help smallholder farmers of coffee, tea and cocoa cope with changing rainfall patterns.   Smallholder coffee, tea and cocoa farmers represent one… Read More