Takeaway burgers contain horse DNA

TWO BEEFBURGER products sold through takeaways have been found to contain horse DNA.


In its latest round of testing, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) confirmed the results for four of the remaining five samples relating to its UK-wide sampling programme of beef products. All five of the products were withdrawn from sale following receipt of the first test results.


Two of the four samples have been found to contain horse DNA at or above the 1% threshold for reporting. Neither product was found to contain the veterinary drug bute (phenylbutazone) or pig DNA.


The two products with horse DNA were a burger purchased from Nefyn Pizza & Kebab House in Gwynedd and manufactured by the Burger Manufacturing Company (BMC) and a beefburger purchased from Pig Out in Walsall and manufactured by King Fry Meat Products.


The two other samples, which did not contain horse DNA, were also tested for the presence of pig DNA. These results have now been confirmed as below 1%. Neither product was labelled as halal or kosher. This leaves one result still to be reported.


The FSA sampling survey was designed to be geographically representative of beef products on sale across the UK. It is separate from the industry test results that have been supplied to the FSA by the food industry and announced by the Agency in three waves over recent weeks.