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    Palm oil performance decent (apart from PepsiCo)

    None of the world’s major food brands can yet guarantee that their palm oil is not linked to deforestation. An analysis of 14 global consumer goods companies by Greenpeace found that most are moving “far too slowly”. PepsiCo, which makes… Read More

  • Sugar variances uncovered in soft drinks

    SUGAR-SWEETENED soft drinks made for the European market have much less sugar than those sold in other markets. A review of 274 fizzy drinks found that Fanta Orange, for example, has 20 grams less added sugar in the UK (23g/330ml)… Read More

  • Voluntary agreements won’t deliver food security

    FOOD BUSINESSES want more regulation to help them tackle issues linked to sustainability, including food security.                   In their research for a new report, published today, WWF and the Food Ethics Council… Read More

  • On reflection: Carbon labels

    THEY WERE hot news under Labour, out in the cold when Cameron came in – but the idea hasn’t been abandoned completely.                    Carbon labels were all the rage a few years… Read More

  • Big ten food companies emit more greenhouse gases than Scandinavia

    THE ‘Big 10’ food and drink companies together emit more greenhouse gases than Scandinavia and, if they were an individual country, would rank as the 25th most polluting, Oxfam revealed today. It warned that companies are risking financial ruin if… Read More

  • Oxfam land report names and shames big brands

    A NEW REPORT by Oxfam on the use of land for sugar crops in developing countries makes claims that some of the biggest food and drink brands in the world are not doing enough to stop poor people from being… Read More

  • Stretching the limits of sustainability

    FOOD BUSINESSES must be careful not to see target-setting as a competition.                           One of the most difficult tasks facing sustainability managers is how to set targets. “The… Read More

  • How can you change the game?

    LARGE FIRMS are increasingly adopting and scaling up sustainability innovations and reaping substantial rewards for themselves and their customers.   The new business approaches not only contribute to the green economy, but also show what can be achieved by decoupling… Read More

  • US vending machines get calorie labels

    VENDING MACHINES in America will soon carry information about the calories in the drinks on offer.   The new “Calories Count Vending Program” will be launched in municipal buildings in the cities of Chicago and San Antonio next year before… Read More

  • Farm app to predict harvests

    POTATO FARMERS will be able to predict future harvests using a new smartphone app.   Farmers have traditionally relied on cumbersome and inaccurate manual measurements to predict crop yields. But the new app will take photographs of the ground coverage… Read More