How can you change the game?

LARGE FIRMS are increasingly adopting and scaling up sustainability innovations and reaping substantial rewards for themselves and their customers.


The new business approaches not only contribute to the green economy, but also show what can be achieved by decoupling business growth from increasing environmental damage, even generating restorative or net-positive social and environmental impacts.


That’s according to the new “green game-changers” report published by WWF.


The report, which looks at large-scale sustainability initiatives in companies such as Hertz, Phillips, Kingfisher, DONG Energy, BASF and PepsiCo, finds that sustainable business innovations are often driven by smaller, disruptive business models creating new markets and altering existing ones.


 “Scalability clearly remains crucial for true business innovation, but this reports shows that, as small-scale green innovators with novel business models are gaining traction and market share across the world, large firms need to reconsider business models to ensure they don’t get left behind,” said WWF-UK head of business and industry Dax Lovegrove.


“Enlightened business are learning that, with increasing pressure on natural resources and changing patterns of consumption, that they need to adopt ‘disruptive’ business models – or be disrupted. There are huge opportunities out there for businesses that are willing to change, as well as threats for the ones that fail to adapt.”


In the summer, Forum for the Future, produced a guide to “disruptive innovation” to encourage business to think of new ways to work.