• Coca-Cola unveils first veg-based PET bottle

    THE COCA-COLA Company has unveiled the world’s first fully recyclable PET plastic bottle made entirely from plant materials.                     The new and improved PlantBottle uses patented technology that converts natural sugars… Read More

  • Plastics recycling in Europe exceeds target

    NEW RESEARCH from the European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organisations (EPRO) has revealed that the European plastics recycling rate reached 34.7% in 2012.   All European Union member states, with the exception of Malta, reported plastics recycling rates… Read More

  • Boxing unclever

    MARKETING PRODUCTS based on the sustainability of the packaging is a dangerous game that could just confuse shoppers. Have Vivid Water and Tetra Pak fallen into the trap with Water in a Box?              … Read More

  • Airline upcycles 4 million plastic bottles

    AFTER SIX months of research and design, Virgin Atlantic has today revealed amenity kits made of 100% recycled material.   The kits have been designed with sustainability in mind. They’re made from recycled PET (rPET) material which smashes, melts, polymerizes… Read More

  • The Throwaway Industry? Footprint Forum: 27 May 2010

    An expert panel assembled for the third Footprint Forum at Pret A Manager’s London headquarter to discuss the environmental impact of packaging in the foodservice supply chain and some of the innovations and initiatives being implemented to counter this. Delegates,… Read More