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    Businesses urged to meet higher chicken standards

    The RSPCA is urging supermarkets and foodservice companies to follow Marks & Spencer’s lead and commit to new welfare requirements for chickens. Last week, M&S became the first retailer to pledge to meet new welfare requirements for meat chickens across… Read More

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    Tough decisions on ethical meat

    Would you customers still eat your food if they knew where it came from? If not, you’re at risk. Amy Fetzer reports from November’s forum on animal welfare. Three-quarters of consumers rank animal welfare concerns as the top issue which makes… Read More

  • RSPCA bans ‘thinning’ in poultry production

    THE RSPCA has banned its farmers from “thinning” their poultry flocks in a bid to improve welfare and drive down incidences of campylobacter. Thinning, or depopulation, is commonly used within the indoor-reared chicken industry to maximise the number of birds… Read More

  • Footprint Forum: Animal welfare – we’ve come a long way baby

    Three quarters of consumers rank animal welfare concerns as the top issue which makes a company ethical but is the foodservice industry doing enough to ensure animal welfare, and if so, are we communicating it to customers? The conclusion from… Read More

  • McDonald’s to go British for its French fries

    MCDONALD’S IS TO use only British potatoes for making its French fries. The company sources all but 13% of its spuds from Britain anyway, but the move will reportedly inject another £9m into the country’s farming sector. McDonald’s said the… Read More

  • Footprint Comment: Halal….again!

    HALAL IS in the news again this week. This time chicken is the target but it might just as well be lamb or anything else.                   This is a boomerang story that… Read More

  • RSPCA calls for all farm animals to be stunned before slaughter

    THE RSPCA is renewing its calls for improved welfare of all farm animals at the time of slaughter and clear production method labelling of meat as the House of Lords prepares to debate the subject of religious slaughter this week… Read More

  • Shoppers should know how their meat was killed

    THE RSPCA is calling for its supporters to contact their MEPs urging them to add their signature of support for clearer labelling of welfare standards on meat.   A Written Declaration (WD) has been tabled in the European Parliament calling… Read More

  • Recycling plant blaze: call for ban on Chinese lanterns

    A FIRE BROKE out in a factory in Smethwick, Birmingham, on Sunday 30th June where 100,000 tonnes of plastic recycling bundle material was set alight by a Chinese lantern, prompting calls for a ban.   Approximately firefighters were called out… Read More

  • Opportunity on your doorstep

    RETAILERS ARE benefitting from a passion for local food, but some caterers are eyeing the strong and growing market too, Footprint talks to BaxterStorey’s Ian Platt.                            … Read More