McDonald’s to go British for its French fries

MCDONALD’S IS TO use only British potatoes for making its French fries. The company sources all but 13% of its spuds from Britain anyway, but the move will reportedly inject another £9m into the country’s farming sector.

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McDonald’s said the move is part of the company’s “continuing commitment to evolve the sourcing of its ingredients with consumers’ changing preferences and expectations”. The company spends £900m a year buying produce from UK suppliers.


“In 2013 we became the first high-street restaurant chain to switch to pork from British, RSPCA Assured scheme farms; and the British free-range egg market has quadrupled in size since we worked with our suppliers to make the switch to using free-range eggs 17 years ago,” said the firm’s UK supply chain director Connor McVeigh.


The government has recently been pressing retailers and foodservice companies to buy more British produce – and pay fair prices for it.