Social Media

  • Making the most of marketing

    JUST THINK about the last big purchase you made and why you chose it – invariably it will lead back to something you’ve read, seen or heard. The same, often subconscious, thinking affects our eating habits and tapping into this… Read More

  • Footprint Forum: Thought Leaders & Innovators 2013

    Footprint Forum: Thought Leaders & Innovators 2014 to be announced soon Read More

  • New technology key to the industry’s success says KPMG

    PUB AND restaurant operators must embrace new technologies in order to be successful in 2014 and beyond as the pace of change in the sector is going to accelerate even further, says Will Hawkley, Director in KPMG’s Leisure Advisory Group.… Read More

  • Sodexo wins employee equality award

    SODEXO HAS won the Personal Fair and Diverse category at the Employers Network for Equality and Inlcusion (enei) awards 2013.   The leading FM services provider received the award for its commitment to creating an inclusive working environment and integrating… Read More

  • Caterers to chat with tea growers

    CATERERS WILL be able to communicate directly with the communities producing their tea, thanks to a new project launched by Tetley.   To support their commitment to Rainforest Alliance, Tetley has launched a new social media initiative, facilitated by Facebook.  … Read More