Under-Counter Powder Broker

Warewasher manufacturer Winterhalter has found a way to manage water and energy usage in its machines that offers major sustainable benefits – and fewer broken plates.


Getting the balance right when it comes to energy and water usage on dishwashers is a tricky balancing act; water and electricity have to be used but it is possible to whittle the amounts down and still be effective. Warewashing giant Winterhalter recently turned its attention to its range of UC under counter warewashers in an effort to minimise water and energy consumption while maximising cleaning effectiveness and has come up with VarioPower.


According to the company. VarioPower not only saves energy and water, but also protects delicate dishes and glasses and gives better results. As its name suggests, varioPower varies the water pressure, regulating it to match the products being washed. It is fitted as standard on all Winterhalter’s UC Series of under counter dish, glass and utensil washers.


For fine china or delicate glasses, or where soiling is minimal, VarioPower lowers the water pressure. this in turn reduces energy and water consumption, minimising costs. It also lengthens the life of fragile table and glassware. For heavier soiling, or when cleaning more robust dishes and glasses, the pressure is increased, avoiding the need to rewash dirtier items and thus, again, saving resources.


The new system also automatically adjusts all the other variables – such as detergent and rinse aid – to ensure that results are always perfect, whatever the setting. “The technology ensures that champagne flutes get sparkling clean under low pressure, just as heavy-duty beer mugs do on high pressure,” says Paul Crowley, marketing manager of Winterhalter.


Choosing the appropriate setting is simply a matter of tapping the appropriate graphic on the warewasher’s touch screen panel, so the machines are perfect for outlets using unskilled staff.


The UC machines are available in four different sizes, small, medium, large and extra large, and four different configurations, one each for dishes, glasses and cutlery or utensils, plus the multi-purpose bistro version, which can wash glasses and dishes at the same time. The glasswashers can process up to 48 racks per hour, with racks ranging in size from 400 x 400mm in the small model to 500 x 540mm in the extra large. The dishwashers and Bistro machines handle up to 40 racks per hour, the cutlery or utensils washers up to 11.


The UC Series is part of Winterhalter’s IRT (Intelligent Resource Technology) project, aimed at reducing the consumption of water, power and chemicals in warewashing and is available through its national dealer network. The company aims to provide a total solution for warewashing, from pre-sales advice to after-sales service, training and maintenance. Alongside its market-leading dish and glasswashers, the company’s range includes utensil washers, advanced water treatment machines, cleaning chemicals and detergents. www.winterhalter-scout.biz