Whitbread among best for carbon reporting

WHEN IT COMES to carbon reporting, it’s the supermarkets that remain the top students. Hospitality businesses, meanwhile, still have a lot to do.


That’s according to new research published today by Carbon Clear. The carbon management company has analysed the extent and depth of FTSE 100 companies’ carbon measurement and reporting.


Their analysis focussed on how companies measure, report and verify their carbon footprint, their existing and planned strategies for reducing emissions, their actual carbon reductions and their work to engage stakeholders about their climate change programmes.


Companies were marked against 47 reporting criteria and it’s the food retailers that have come out on top, followed by the publishing, media and advertising and waste and water sectors.


Supermarkets scored an average of 35 out of a possible 47 points, while in hospitality the score was 21.


However, there was good news with Whitbread ranking in the top 10 individual performers with 35 out of 37. Marks and Spencer was top with 42 out of 47, while Sainsbury achieved 36.


Mark Chadwick, Carbon Clear CEO, said every company’s reporting could be improved. “This year’s criteria were more challenging than the previous year and it shows in the results, with overall lower scores across all areas,” he explained.


“However, there has been significant progress by some companies this year, and others have built on the success they had last year, demonstrating how companies’ carbon management matures over time.”


In June the Government announced plans to make all businesses listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange report their levels of greenhouse gas emissions from April next year.


  • This month’s Footprint Forum on November 28th will consider sustainability reporting