Focus on cleaning products: Delphi’s Eco

The University of Manchester is a Russell Group research institution based in Manchester, with 11,491 members of staff and around 39,000 students.

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Martin Smith, Executive Chef at The University of Manchester first approached Delphis Eco during a review of cleaning procurement contracts, as an extension of the University’s diverse sustainability policy.


Delphis Eco carried out site surveys across the University of Manchester’s campus kitchens and provided nine like-for-like product alternatives and detailed cleaning guides.


Delphis Eco completed a six month trial at the university starting in May 2011 of the following products:


  • Anti-bacterial Sanitiser Washing up Liquid
  • Cabinet Glass Wash Heavy Duty Degreaser
  • Multi Purpose Cleaner Dishwasher Liquid
  • Dishwasher Rinse Aid Dishwasher Rinse Aid
  • Hand Soap X Factor Cleaner


The trial was a success and proved Delphis Eco products were:


  • As effective as their previous products
  • Cost-effective relative to previous products, resulting in a saving of £3,000
  • Delphis Eco also rationalised the range of chemicals used on site by saving on:
  • Administrative costs (fewer invoices / month)
  • Associated delivery costs
  • Associated carbon footprint
  • Storage (a valuable asset in kitchens)


Based on the successful trial of Delphis Eco products the University of Manchester fully rolled out the use of Delphis Eco products as standard across 14 kitchens and 22 outlets. The bar manager at the University of Manchester is also considering a Delphis Eco trial at the main bar.


“I wanted to bring in Delphis Eco to the university kitchens as we tend to focus on food sustainability, and I felt there was room for expansion on our environmental practice.


Delphis provided impeccable customer service right from the start, surveying our chosen sites and seamlessly switching us over in just three days, and providing the staff with cleaning and usage guides. As a result we made a considerable saving to the kitchen cleaning budgets and proved that natural cleaners were as effective as chemical cleaners.”


Martin Smith, Executive Chef